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What better place than the Hari Mahal Palace of Jaipur to renew your vows? Experience the hallmark of such events organized by the royal families of India in a memorable 3-day event devoted to you and your special someone.
 Experience an elaborate and exciting 3-day vow renewal event ceremony, which incorporates the Hindu wedding traditions followed by the royal families of Rajasthan, India
 Renew your vows, get married, or even celebrate with a mock wedding - in all cases, we will create an authentic royal wedding ceremony you’re sure to remember forever
 Take in the lovely Hari Mahal Palace, which will be lit up for the occasion
 Indulge in sumptuous meals, barbecue, and drinks while mellifluous music and folk dances are performed
 Wear our ornamental traditional dresses and jewellery for the occasion - we will lend them to you for your special day
 See Jaipur’s incredible sights - this activity allows time for sight-seeing too
 Take part in a fully packed 3-day event that will leave all speechless
What's Included
 3-day vow renewal ceremony
 Luxury car for your use throughout the event.
 Two nights in the palace suite
 Sumptuous breakfasts, dinners, lunches, barbecue, and drinks
 All traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies
 Lights around the entire property
 Sightseeing trips
 Guests of the couple will need to pay for the 2-night stay  or the couple pays for them.
 We will host up to 20 people from the local noble families on behalf of the couple for the two dinners to add colour to the proceedings
Additional Information
 Please arrive at the Jaipur airport, where we will be waiting to warmly welcome you !
 You will be driven to the Hari Mahal Palace
 After the event, we will drive you back to the airport for your flight out of the city
 Pets are not allowed
 Smoking allowed in restricted areas
 We are wheelchair accessible

 Please plan ahead and feel free to ask us any questions leading up to your trip
 We want to make sure this event is a truly unforgettable one for you and your special someone

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