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Whether you're planning your real wedding or would love to celebrate with your partner in a mock ceremony, you're sure to love this memorable 3-day wedding event. Pageantry and romance will be on full display just as in the days of the Maharajas and Rajas of India.

Duration: 9hrs - 15hrs
Cancellation: 360.0hrs
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 Celebrate your wedding in royal style in the 250-year old Castle Kalwar - 19 km from Jaipur
 Experience the magic of the era when the Rajas & Maharajas organized weddings in their castles with either a real or mock ceremony
 Welcome noble guests in traditional attire, who will provide an authentic touch to the proceedings
 Be left speechless with the kind of event that will be etched in your memory for ever

What's Included
 3-day wedding event
 Luxury car for your transfer to the Castle from the Jaipur airport and then back on the 3rd day
 Luxury car for the two of you throughout the 3-day event
 Suite for two
 Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, barbecue, and drinks for you and up to 25 guests - Castle lights
 Flower arrangements
 Elephants, horses, and camels
 Traditional folk dances and music
 Time for sightseeing and excursions
Royal dresses and jewellery on returnable basis.

Additional Information
 This is a 3-day wedding event at 250-year old majestic Castle Kalwar crafted for you and the person you will wed, or the person you’d love to have a mock ceremony with
 This fabulous  Castle will  provide a perfect setting for  all ceremonies in Hindu traditions that will be performed for you with the chanting of mantras in Sanskrit.
 The cost includes 25 persons from former royal families in traditional dresses to join in dinners and ceremonies
 If you come with your friends please ask us to book air conditioned rooms for them  for  an extra cost
 There won’t be any extra costs for them for all other activities

 Pets not allowed
 Smoking is allowed in restricted areas
 Drinks allowed for those who are ages 20+
 We will be happy to arrange royal style weddings for people from the LGBT community and those in wheelchairs
 The cost includes two dinners with drinks for up to 25 guests who may be those invited by the couple and or we would invite the local gentry on behalf of the couple to provide an
authentic royal touch.
 The cost does not include accommodation for guests coming with the bride and bridegroom

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